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By the Founders

Synaptic is Powered by Human , The Human working inside, those professional resources who are our most valuable asset, and our core competency to deliver the anticipated level of professional service that we desire as well as you desire.


The Human we work with, our customers, the main driver behind any success story everywhere, people whom we build with a solid relation of trust, serving their entities and their country, to end up with a win-win long term business relationship.

The Human supporting us, our valued vendors, whom we team up with, to deliver the appropriate service, and to keep the ball rolling.

Jamal Attal

General Manager/Co-Founder

Ala’ K. Daboubi,MBA

Managing Director/Co-Founder

About us

The people behind Delivery

Synaptic founded in 2008 as an end-to-end provider for IT & Networking Infrastructure Solutions, including assessment, architecture, reengineering, deployment and maintenance. These solutions encompass wide range of cutting edge technologies, long-haul fiber optics & services, structured cabling solutions partnering with worldwide leaders in these industries, and exceptional after-sales support.


Synaptic strength is clearly visible through its 100% successful implementation rate, and 100% customer satisfaction rate with high touch client nature and nationwide projects .


The solid technical expertise of Synaptic is due to the extensive years of staff & management experience. Therefore, our core competency is to deliver the anticipated level of professional service that Synaptic and the client both desire.

Our Vision 

Synaptic bloomed to existence to become a leading provider of Networking Solutions and infrastructure provider to Middle East Critical Business and Enterprises by providing high level networking solutions which meet their business needs and exceed their expectations.

Our Mission 


Offering various Infrastructre Solutions and Services that address different vertical and horizontal market needs.


Focusing on distinguished service level, and market offerings.

Where can we help  


  • To provide End-to-End consulting across the implementation lifecycle, including assessment, architecture, reengineering, deployment and maintenance.  

  • To Design & Build advanced infrastructure for clients whose operations demand reliable access to critical data.

  • Among the reasons Synaptic is the leading name in Middle East and the region for IT & Networking solutions is its internal structure which is made up of cross functional teams, Management Team, Sales team, Presales Team, SCS & Fiber optics team, Project Management team, Technical Engineering Team, who all collaborate systematically in a costumer centric approach to meet their expectations, and further more to exceed it.

  • To introduce ourselves as an innovation company that has the Transparency & Flexibility in the Go-To-Market strategy 

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